Landscaping surrounding wildlife pool

The Brief

A return to a favourite wildlife pool built in 2019 to complete the landscaping surrounding the pool and tame some more of the wild spaces to create more useable garden areas without losing the natural theme of the garden.

The Concept

With the wildlife pool already built the space already had its main attraction and with a year of maturity it was really starting to settle into the landscape. This phase included a winding gravel path, edged with boulders which led to a grand gravel seating area with a backing of some huge feature rocks. This made a very rustic area built using the same stone as the pond, keeping the theme within the design.

A new horticultural area behind one of the walls makes the garden useable, where three deep wooden planters provide plenty of room to produce fruit & veg. A new planting scheme follows along the right-side wall creating much more of a garden, and the wild flower areas have been reduced in size but retained around selected areas.

A central circular lawn creates the link between the different features within the scheme and will look great when the surrounding wild flowers return, phase 3 coming in the winter!

Location: Orton Grange

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