Small Pond & Winding Stream

The Brief

Starting life as a duck pond made from a pre-form mould, we soon designed a new natural pond with a winding entrance stream to take advantage of the sloped landscape and create a little gem!

The Concept

After removing the pre-form we re-shaped the profile of the pool and created a natural irregular shape which would take advantage of an existing Juniper to allow it to overhang the new planned pool. With the pond set down into this sloped landscape we had a lovely opportunity to create a small winding stream coming down the hill.

There are aquatic plants contained within integral rocky pockets and a natural gravel filtration system working alongside the pond pump to maintain the water quality and get the most enjoyment from the new pool.

This stream is a subtle one, less focused on big crashing drops and more about the rolling over tight points, turning through the rocks and even finding a way over a beached log, an idea we’ve been looking forward to do for a while.

A subtle gem of a pond and stream project showing again that you don’t need huge space to have a water feature that has all the elements!

Location: Brampton

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