Stunning Stream and Pond

The Brief

To turn a blank canvas in an unused section of the garden into a stream and pond oasis. Aiming to have an instant look of age and maturity to it, natural looking and to incorporate soft edges, wildlife beaches, subtle waterfalls and with an integral natural filtration system built in.

The Concept

We were in our element with a fantastic brief from the clients which gave us the scope to try and recreate what we most enjoy seeing in nature.

Due to the negative land we created a relatively flatter stream to really set it into the landscape as much as we could and to not create something artificial. The water begins the circuit in a striking twin entrance which flows over a natural filtration pool and through a tighter choke point before being turned over a wider broken set of falls which split the water into three channels down the next section which focuses on subtle turns and shallow runs.

We love the pond entrance waterfalls; we’ve tried to create a rugged cliff face effect where the water tumbles and breaks into the pond and we’re delighted with the look. The pond itself is set right down to match the height of the existing surrounding turf banks and the lower end finishes with a graded wildlife beach heavily planted with marginal aquatic planting. A fantastic rustic stone seat here gives the best spot for a morning coffee sat in amongst the reeds with the full view of the stream.

Built into the system is two natural filtration zones, the first set within the beached area of the pond and the second at the beginning of the stream. Once these become established the water quality will be self-sufficient with no need for external filtration.

The planting scheme is trying to replicate scenes found throughout nature without artificially placed plants which would look out of place. Note in the pictures how the waves of Primulas and Cowslips will make way for a second phase of Iris’ and Astilbes.

We can’t wait to come back and see this grow and mature, thankyou J+J!!

Location: Wigton

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