Low maintenance new build

The Brief

A great first meeting led to an open brief with the opportunity to create a garden full of interest, sights and contrasting areas, where previously a lifeless garden failed to entice you down into the featureless space.

The Concept

From a new build blank canvas we wanted to create a simple low maintenance garden with seasonal planting interest and a journey through the garden to a new patio retreat positioned to catch the sun.

We made the best use of the existing turf by creating a central circle which creates the edge for the gravel path and the shape to allow a full circuit around the garden to create a journey where previously there was none.

Sandstone sets follow the shape of the turf for easier maintenance and also keep the gravel contained to create a path and stop migration onto the turf or planting beds. The sets also create that visually striking shape in the garden.

We worked with the client to create a planting scheme which contained favourites from previous gardens and also various plants and shrubs which we knew suited the conditions and sunlight. It’s designed to not require huge amounts of maintenance but still provide interest and colour throughout the seasons.

A small circular sandstone patio provides the focal point to journey out into the garden and we’ve also managed to tuck in a small shed behind a trellis baffle which will recede further once the climbers become established.

Thanks Mrs. A for this small gem!!

Location: Carlisle

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