Corner Water Feature & Pond

The Brief

Landscape design in Cumbria featuring a babbling mountain brook, cascading water wall, rocky pond, and natural stone wall.

The Concept

A great corner to work in and to take advantage of the height available to create two contrasting sides of a water feature that both spill into the same pond. There's different water inlets which flow in through different types of waterfalls to create a natural effect.

The tiered natural stone wall created the gradient to shape the stream out and retain the stream banks and soil. The height of the bottom tier is designed to act as a seat to sit over the pond and water feature. Visually we love the contrast of the natural stream bursting through a rustic sweeping stone wall created from the same stone.

When the surrounding patio is complete this is going to be a fantastic full garden design. This corner full of sight, sound and interest will be the perfect feature to relax or have friends round by. This pond and water feature just shows again what is possible in a small space.

Thrilled with the final outcome and are looking forward to watching this garden design mature over the years, thankyou M and J we had a blast!

Location: Cumwhinton

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