Country Courtyard & Waterfalls

The Brief

To bring Spring 2019 to life with a huge water garden design and country courtyard in Cumbria.

The Concept

A water garden design including a stunning multi fall entrance, a beached river bend pool, interactive stepping stone crossing, overlapping reclaimed brick spiral patio and a rocky cavernous pond with a wildlife beach.

We incorporated hundreds of reclaimed bricks belonging to the area to create the surrounding paths, patio and walled opening courtyard. The resulting courtyard is a unique space which has created an amazing entrance to the newly landscaped garden. Our natural stone walls finish creating this formal entrance area and the blend of materials looks so fitting in this country courtyard setting.

A great planting design had to suit distinct different areas within the garden, including a shady woodland which surrounded the back of the stream, two different beaches which were ideal for a variety of marginal aquatic plants, and the stream itself with surrounding tiered rockery which features a fantastic variety of plants for throughout the seasons.

From a flat neglected grass land to a stunning unique water garden and grand country courtyard which we can't wait to see mature and grow even more over the years to come.

Location: Burgh-by-Sands

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