Relaxing Pond and Stream

The Brief

A great canvas within a semi mature garden to create one of our pond and stream water features with a feature mosaic patio to enjoy sitting by the water.

The Concept

As always with these projects we begun by marking the shape of the stream and pool out before excavating the pond and forming the mould which would contain the new stream. Without much of a natural slope to create the stream section it’s designed to maximise the slope available by setting the pool down and focus on the stream winding and turning as oppose to too many big waterfalls to avoid a really unnatural build up by the beginning of the stream.

The look of the lagoon pool is great, the detailed rockwork created by the handpicked stone from our chosen quarries allows us to build these beautiful natural looking pools which have an authentic natural look to them and an instant maturity, perfect for this garden. Just peering over the lower section of the pool is one of our stone mosaic patios, it looks great with the rustic stone and the blend of colours with the pond stone, an ideal spot for two to enjoy the water feature.

Contained within the pool is our integrated filtration system which combines both mechanical and biological filtration methods. Once this kicks in the results will be fantastic and allow the clients to get the most out of the pool and enjoyment from the water quality.

A set of rustic stone steps allows you to take a journey up the stream and get closer to it as it winds its way over the rocks and at one point even rolling over a beached log which looks so natural. This upper area will contain a second feature patio in a later project to take advantage of the later sun and act as real destination point at this point in the garden.

Location: Carlisle

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