Showcase Water Feature Project

The Brief

The most ambitious water feature project to date, to create a life changing piece of work for a family member who was ready to be converted to our waterfeature lifestyle and all within the month of December in time for a Christmas switch on!

The Concept

The first thing to note is that this water feature does not contain a traditional pond, it draws water from an underground sump which the water feature disappears down and flows into. The scale of rock needed was huge and the slope and opportunity to create different drops and runs in this garden was perfect for what we planned to do.

Starting in a top ‘header’ pool we have the full force of a huge movement of water over a top cliff face which is supposed to mimic the more crashing falls seen in nature and here it flows down into a pool and this is where the water begins to diverge on two separate journeys.

Journey one down the high road takes advantage of the higher ground to look like a tumbling mountain stream coming down the slope faster and flowing over more waterfalls. Journey two drops much quicker and enters a really ambitious lagoon lazy river pool which flows right up to a sunken garden building. It is here that the water slows down and drifts past the buildings bar area so from the building side you can enjoy looking over the water from this infinity edge.

The two different routes converge in an elbow pool which takes the full force of the higher faster stream and the lower slower pool before turning the water and pushing it down over a stunning pair of waterfalls which have a stunning glass effect. The water then really speeds up over a shallow run before entering the disappearing sump area over a stunning natural waterwall situated right beside the entrance to the sunken building.

This really is a stunning water feature integrated with a sunken garden building which is going to combine to create the most amazing place to enjoy spending time outside enjoying the new wildlife drawn in by the water, the sound and movement of the water and the planting scheme which will grow to look even better.

Enjoy S+S a special project and a water feature as mad as you two!

Location: Scotby

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