Country Stream and Pond

The Brief

A complete overhaul and re design of an existing small pond to bring in moving water, a much more open feeling and a new lagoon pool for some cherished fish!

The Concept

The first big decision was to not only design a much larger shapely lagoon pool, but to also take advantage of the natural slope of the garden and extend this feature to include a winding stream which would flow through an existing shrubbery and into the new pool.

Excavating this site was key to not only shape the pool as usual, but to create room for the new stream which would have to wind through existing mature plants. We then headed up to one of our regular quarries to hand pick the 4 tonnes of stone needed to create this design.

Integral to the design of this water feature is the filtration system which is contained within two key areas of the system an relies upon both mechanical and biological filtration methods we have honed over the years. With this lagoon pool designed to house fish it is even more important to achieve that water quality to maximise the enjoyment of seeing the fish in their new surroundings.

The stream section of the feature contains open beached edges, splitter falls and staircase falls before entering the lagoon pool over a stunning single waterfall entrance we have been keeping hold of for the ideal project for years! A fantastic medium sized water feature which already looks so settled into the landscape, really looking forward to seeing the effects of this filtration system kicking in.

Location: Brampton

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