Family relaxing water garden

The Brief

Welcomed by a pleasant town garden, one can imagine our surprise when our clients wish it all to be removed and start again!

After a patient wait, the open brief to create one of our natural water features to view from the conservatory with seating areas and curved feel was turned into a lovely family garden concept.

The Concept

Sometimes the world is just against you………

A charming concept with 2 patios, weathered limestone pool stream and bridge, walkways and prepared beds was a project we had looked forward to so much.

Little did we foresee 4 weeks of constant rain, burst pipe, clay ground and high water table, not a good combination!

However that’s life, and with a stream of hot drinks from our wonderful clients, and team effort, another beauty has been born.

With much of the bog and aquatic planting down for the winter, the Spring transformation will be something special and well worth the effort of ourselves and not least our clients help too!

Location: Carlisle

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