Natural Pond and Waterfalls

The Brief

To design a complete overhaul of an overgrown pond which had become out of control and make use of the available to space to redesign a new pond which also had a small tumbling stream and waterfalls coming into it.

The Concept

Working within an area surrounded by a patio and paving walkway we wanted to build a pond and stream which looked natural as possible and which also integrated with the existing patio through an open sloped beach. We had some great hand-picked stone from our chosen quarry to build this project. We created detailed seams of rockwork and used larger boulder edgings and some great older cobbles for stream.

In the pond we’ve made space for the aquatic planting contained in rocky pockets and again our gravel filtration system works with the pump unit to filter the water and maintain the correct balance in the pond. The stream begins from a twin entrance set back up the slope looking as natural as possible, and after some more twists and falls enters the pool through a wide split entrance where the water is forced around a ‘splitter’ stone.

It’s a great water feature and has maximised the available space to work in so well, it will mature over the years, attracting masses of wildlife just getting better and better!

Location: Brampton

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