Feature Patio and Boulder Edging

The Brief

To work within an already mature garden to create a feature patio destination point and establish new shape and structure within the garden.

The Concept

This was a mature garden with some great established plants, it just lacked the destination point to pull you out into the garden and there was a lack of shape to take advantage of this long garden which had great opportunities to establish new planting schemes.

For the destination point we have gone with a combination of our hand dressed mosaic path and feature mosaic patio. This choice of stone reflects the maturity of the garden and is really suited to this setting which takes the character of the stone well. The shape it has been dressed into is key to bringing shape and journey into this garden where previously it was blank and rectangular.

Handpicked boulder edgings either side of the garden are perfect for this application where there is high meterage and the edges had to catch the eye to highlight the new sweeping shapes created. The colour of the boulders keeps in theme with the mosaic patio and allow the new planting schemes to contrast and pop against the neutral stone.

Keep an eye out for updated photos for the front garden which was a lovely clean low maintenance solution to a long featureless drive. It now has just the right amount of interest and maintenance for an appealing front garden.

Location: Orton Grange

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