Raised Pond and Waterwall

The Brief

A return to Project 105 where a fantastic client wanted to use the remaining area in the garden to create a raised pond and waterwall all within a limited space and match the existing formal walled style of the garden.

The Concept

Break into the existing stone wall and continue the sweeping curve around this new area to create the shell needed to construct the raised fish pond. Where usually we have streams, which flow into our ponds, here we had plenty of height to bring waterfalls in from but no depth to grade them back away from the pond. Therefore a ‘waterwall’ was perfect for this application.

The waterwall works with four separate water inlets spreading the water for maximum effect and creating a stunning view whilst coming up the driveway. It is planted with aquatics and ferns which given time will spread along the water wall and into the pond, however for something freshly built there is already a great natural aged look to it.

The new wall matches the existing style of the walls, however for this wall we used hand-dressed ‘informal’ wall tops to differentiate from the existing walls and give this new feature area its own identity. What a feature for a front garden and a stunning hybrid between the formal stone walls and the rugged waterwall cliff face, enjoy it A + M!

Location: Carlisle

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