Oriental Garden and Stream

The Brief

Something a bit different for this project, we had to create a relaxing oriental garden from a blank patch of grass which included a water feature as a central focal point.

The Concept

Inspired by Japanese gardens we designed this garden to incorporate different gravels, types of boulders, one of our disappearing stream water features and an oriental planting scheme.

Starting on the existing deck you can now take the relaxing stepping stone journey through the new garden and even over a stone bridge which we hand-picked from the quarry. This has to be one of our nicest journeys inside a garden design and visually is so pleasing to look at from different points in the garden.

The water feature included is one of our ‘disappearing streams’ that do not include a pond but instead focus on the water running down through a stream and then circulating from an underground sump. This is our solution for people who love to have running water in their garden and may have the desire maintain a pond, or the space for one.

A stunning oriental planting scheme which has some wonderful specimens and one of our most relaxing gardens of all time, what a transformation!

Location: Carlisle

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